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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty
1. Have you ever gotten a pet from a rescue?
No. We have a Lab and a Golden Retriever that we got from local residents, but I wouldn't consider them rescues!

2. What pumpkin goodies have you had this fall?

I've made lots of pumpkin muffins, but I'm looking forward to more pumpkins treats this season. I LOVE pumpkin! 

3.  What are the best and worst rooms in your home?

I'd say the best room is our living room. It's roomy but cozy and I love the layout. The worst room right now is probably our master bathroom. We're working little by little on remodeling it and it's not quite complete at the moment!

4.  If you could have a real "brick and mortar" type business, what would it be?

I sold my signs on Etsy for a while and still make them for local customers from time to time, so I would have a sign shop!

What's your favorite tropical fruit?



Banker Chick said...

I love the taste of fresh pineapple but it is a lot of work to prepare and canned pineapple is not the same.

Patrice said...

I think Goldens are one of mt favorite dogs. I think a sign shop would be interesting. I am need to make a new farm sign. I made the last one and it is so weather beaten. I sealed it well, but I think the amount of road salt they use helped to age it. I am searching for a really affordable surface. I have no wood working skills and hubby is swamped with things to do. I have found a few things, but I need it to be pretty big. We'll see what I come up with.

Debi said...

We had a golden for 13 years and she was a rescue... such a good dog. I want to have more pumpkin goodies too... just need some time to do some baking.

Karen said...

I am surprised at myself ~ I haven't made much with pumpkin yet this year. I love pumpkin, too!

Suzanne McClendon said...

A sign shop could be an interesting job. We saw an Undercover Boss episode recently that was based on a sign company. I determined then that I'm not brave enough to do sign jobs. :)

Have a great week!