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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Frugal Finds

Since we're a one income family, we have to be "creative" with our money. I love nice, quality clothing but I won't pay the high prices! I'm not a brand snob or anything, but there are certain brands that are just better made and last longer. I try to either buy from Goodwill or find things on extreme clearance in department stores. I get satisfaction out of getting the most for our money. It's important to me to try to be a good steward. I'm not always perfect at it, but I try!

I love soft, warm sweaters and on a recent Goodwill trip, I ran across this very new looking Gap sweater. I love the color and it is SO soft. I can already tell this one is going to be a favorite!

Now, you won't see me posting many pictures of myself, but I just really love this sweater!

I also found this nice red purse-

I'm not positive of the brand, but it is like new and only cost $3 so it came home with me! I got rid of some older, worn purses before I bought this one. I try not to keep unnecessary stuff around. We're working on keeping possessions to a minimum!

I don't buy cheap brands at Goodwill. Usually I can buy a Wal-Mart brand as cheap or cheaper at Wal-Mart!  I look for quality brands that are like new or sometimes still have the tags attached.

I was excited to find this Frank Sinatra Christmas CD for $1.50 -

It was a very productive shopping trip!

I'm still working through the rooms of my house, trying to deep clean and declutter. It's taking longer than I had hoped, but at least I'm making progress. I'll post more on that later.

We had some windows that were in need of new caulk so my hubby got that taken care of before  cold weather gets here. A little more progress!

Blessings to you!


Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

You came across some great finds!!! I LOVE the sweater!!! :)


Firecracker Kid said...

You did good girl! I love those colors together, especially during the holiday season. Oh yes, Frank Sinatra is a must have :)
We're working on thinning out and simplifying too. It feels good to de-clutter.