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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Window Boxes Make Me Smile

We've been enjoying beautiful fall weather here in Tennessee this week!  I've been outside trying to do a little fall tidying up.

Because our yard is so unlevel, we had a hard time finding a place to position our storage shed. Wouldn't you know the most level spot in our yard happened to be right beside our house! I wasn't in favor of putting an ugly shed 15 feet from the side of my house, but there was just no other logical solution.

If it has to be there, I decided I could spruce it up and make it as cute as possible! I painted it to match our house and my hubby and son built window boxes for me from scrap wood. I made the star out of branches.

I couldn't get a picture of the entire shed because the sun was shining right behind it. I'll try to get better pictures later.

It's funny how a little project like this can bring such satisfaction. We just used a little creativity and what we had on hand to add a little beauty to a boring storage shed!

I hope the fall weather in your neck of the woods is just as nice as it is here. It's really the simple things that can put a smile on your face!


Karen said...

Hi, Mandy! That looks so cute! I love your window box and the star you made out of branches!! ~ Karen

Firecracker Kid said...

We are having nice Fall weather too, but are expecting rain this weekend.
You have done well with your out building so far. You can have more fun dressing it up if you want. Just go on pinterest and search for ideas. We've got an old out building that needs some tlc as well. You've made yours unique :)