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Friday, May 20, 2011

When You Don't Have a Green Thumb . . .

Since my last post, we've planted our very first vegetable garden and a few flowers here and there. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to garden, but I don't have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination!

We planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, broccoli and some herbs. I'm pretty sure I bought too many squash plants and not enough cucumber plants. I made the mistake of reading some garden forums and now I'm nervous about blights, insects, fungus . . . I have no idea how to handle any of that stuff!

Oh well, the garden this year is all about learning I guess. We'll see what happens!

The previous owners of our house planted several things in our flower beds. I get to enjoy their hard work year after year and I haven't killed anything yet!

The two things that are great for someone like me to have around are wave petunias and boston ferns. They are my "go to" plants every year!

These were planted about three weeks ago - they make me happy!!!

One of  my ferns at the end of the summer last year-

I'll have fun this summer with the few things I can actually grow - happy gardening!!

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Becca's Dirt said...

You will do fine. I wouldn't worry about those things. Your garden will be fine and I bet you reap some good tasting veggies. Hope you have a nice weekend.

BECKY said...

Hey Gal! I'm sure your garden will yield some yumminess for you!

Your petunias are lovely and so is that fern!!

Have a delightful weekend! Love your newest signs!!

Brandi said...

Pretty petunias! They spread so fast, I love them too! I've tried taking care of ferns, but their leaves always seem to brown so fast. I'm obviously doing something wrong!

Karen said...

Your petunias are beautiful and so is your fern! If these are any indication, I'm sure your vegetable garden will be fine! Soon you will have lots of yummy vegetables on your table :) Hope you have a great weekend! ~Karen

Amber said...

Mandy - don't stress over the garden! If you keep it up, you'll find that each year is a learning experience!

Christy said...

Don't worry to much. Don't read those forums....too much info! :) 7 dust is perfect for bugs if you get them....that is what I use. Good luck. It is fun to grow your own veggies, they taste so much better, too.

Amy Kinser said...

I love using ferns around my house. I think I have six right now. They are so easy and so pretty.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh gosh, that's me too, no green thumb. Yours is getting greener by the looks of your flowers and fern. Good luck:)

Jenni said...

I love your petunias, and think they look just lovely! Your fern looks amazing, too! I think that is so cool that you have planted your own vegetable garden! That will be fun to watch every thing grow! Don't worry, it is going to turn out great! :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Paula said...

Your petunias look great! You should be happy! I think you do have a green thumb. Thanks for sharing your pix - Paula from Idaho

Andrea said...

I am new here! wow you have a good inheritance, and that fern is so lovely. I am a bit depressed as i am the last to link to Tootsie's so i dont get commenters, hehe. That's the difficulty of having about 12hrs differences.

blessedmom's simple home said...

I'm learning too, but feel like I'm just winging it most of the time :-) I'm so glad for the internet. When I get a new plant, I look up all the info on it. I learned that Petunia's are supposed to be an annual, but the come back every year around here. We must actually have the right climate for them :-) I have to water everything like crazy though.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

I love petunias! and just planted some myself this last weekend. I think you do have a green thumb just look at your petunias the color and flowers are beautiful.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Come check out my blog! I included my fabulous sign you made!!