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Friday, April 15, 2011

Grandma's China

I remember these pieces sitting in my Grandma's china cabinet when I was a little girl -

Her china cabinet was full of all sorts of treasures - which at the time I had no idea just what treasures they were! I remember thinking these pieces and her pink depression glass wer the prettiest things ever!

I was so very grateful to be able to bring these home a couple of years ago. I know it's a strange place for them, but they are in one of our bathrooms. I didn't want to put them away in a box somewhere and that particular bathroom is very "cottagey", so they just fit there!

I have a question. Does anyone know the name of this pattern? I'm just curious. I've tried to find it, but I've had no luck.

Looking forward to any info you might have!

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi! I love these dishes, too. I collect pieces whenever I find them, but unfortunately I have not been able to find out the maker or the name of the pattern either. I have done some research on ebay and found the platter. It said marked USA on the bottom, but mine is not. They are a bit of a mystery, but oh so lovely. Have a nice day! Twyla

Cora said... Grannie had the same dishes!! And I loved them. They were displayed in a corner china cabinet that my daddy built for their house. Sadly the corner cabinet stayed in the house when it sold and I do not know where the dishes went. Hopefully they are with my Uncle because my mother does not have them and there was just the two of them.
Oh sweet memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas when she would get these dishes out and we would eat on them.....Thanks for sharing your treasure and spurring my memory!

red.neck chic said...

LOL! I got SO excited when I saw you over at Common Ground - I thought, "oh my gosh!!! I'm going to find out what the story is behind these dishes!!!"

From what I have figured out so far is that this set/pattern (yours are unmarked, right?) came from gas stations and/or in laundry detergent boxes! Back a while-a-go not only did gas stations have full service - but you could get a dish with each fill-up! And - the laundry soap was kind of like the "cracker jack" boxes!!!

I could be completely off in my investigations - but I love that you are asking the same question!!! I have a whole bunch of these that I mix and match in with some of my Homer Laughlin patterns...

;-D robelyn

Christine said...

Your china reminds me of Homer Lauglin's Prisilla pattern. I use to collect that pattern but sold it all.

BECKY said...

What sweet treasures, Mandy! Hope you find out what pattern they are!

And I hope you have a delightful weekend! I think I am going to be knee deep in lavender sachets!! Gotta love that!


Susanne said...

I was thinking they were a Homer Laughlin pattern my sister collects but the platter would have been marked you'd think.

They are beautiful and displaying them in the bath is a fresh idea.

Amy Kinser said...

I love what Red Neck Chic said. Isn't that neat that they could have possibly been given away at gas stations. Why don't they still do stuff like that???

Love the dishes and the sweet sentiments.

Karen said...

Your grandma's china is so beautiful! A very special treasure :)

Tanya said...

Love the dishes! I'm afraid I'm no help on the name of them though.
I recently acquired my Grandma's china as well and I'm so happy. I will treasure it. I have the same fond memories!
Good luck in the search!

Jan said...

I have these dishes. My grandmother had these too. I see pieces all the time at thrift stgores and i but them for 25 cents-50 cents. Love them. Janice-Black Creek Primitives

Jan said...

Yes they came in laundry detergent boxes. I remember when my mother would buy detergent i would open the box and get the dish out. I was around 5 or 6 years old. The best place to find them would probably be a flee market or old roadside stores that look old. i have been in buildings I thought were going to fall down at any moment and found depression glass etc. A few years ago i sold a complete set to a antiques dealer. Also I would like to apologize for spelling in my previous comment. Janice-Black Creek Primitives

Marie said...

My grandmother also had these same dishes and I am fortunate enough to have saved some when she died. I love using the few pieces I have.I had thought it was dime-store china.

Pearl Maple said...

That is such a pretty pattern, lucky you to find a home for them in your house.

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

I have a set of these dishes too! They first belonged to my husbands Aunt. I only have the USA mark on the bottom of mine too! Auntie used her's with pink depression glass as well!
So pretty! Oh, I need to get mine out of the box!
Thanks for sharing them..