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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Thoughts

I've discovered that I'm not very good at keeping my blog current, running an etsy shop and homeschooling all at the same time!

I wanted to share with you a post I did last year on my other blog. I don't think I could put this into words any differently this year - this is what's on my heart every Good Friday:

While I was doing my devotion this morning, one of the statements I read really grabbed my attention. Jesus' life wasn't taken from him, He gave it willingly. Of course I've always known that, but for some reason that reality just seemed different this morning. Isaiah 53:7 says: He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth. God is so wonderful to show us prophesy like this.

I will never in this life be able to comprehend the kind of selfless love that was demonstrated by Jesus' agonizing death on the cross. Is it really a "Good" Friday? I don't feel sad on Good Friday. I'm filled with deep appreciation and anticipation. There was never another life like Jesus' and there certainly was never another "death" like his.

Did I deserve such a sacrifice? Not in a million years. This kind of mercy and grace is just who God is and sometimes I feel like bursting with gratitude.

Yes, He gave. He gave for you and He gave for me. He gave for those who deny that any of it ever happened. He gave because He loves us so much that He couldn't stand to see us get what we deserve.

It is a very "Good" Friday but Sunday is what makes Friday good. Tony Campolo has a famous sermom titled It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming. It's my prayer that we all remember that this weekend!

Thanks for letting me share my heart - it felt good. Blessings to all of you and have a wonderful Easter!


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing. So well said. I hope parents will pause a moment and explain to their children what Easter really symbolizes. I feel it is so forgotten with all the commerial aspects of the holiday. You and your family have a Blessed Easter weekend.

Connie the crafterbug said...

Thank you! This is such a beautiful message. It is true.

colleens craft shed said...

Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie,
It truly is unfathomable isn't it? His great love for us knows no bounds!! I am soooo thankful!! I am a new creation in Him, and there is nothing I would rather be!!

Praying your Easter is full of joy and love.
Hugs to you!

Oh and I sure know the juggling act with the shop, the blog, and homeschooling...and I'm only schooling one!! :o) I'll pray for you, and you pray for me, okay?